The Resurgent Role of Legal History

in Modern Judicial Decisionmaking

Historical Sources & Research Guides

Duke Univ. English Legal History Sources

Professor Natelson’s Bibliography of Original Understanding

Lonang’s Library of Natural Law Sources

Blackstone's Commentaries

St. George Tucker's Edition of Blackstone's Commentaries

Medieval Legal History - Primary Sources (Fordham)

Samuel Johnson, A Dictionary of the English Language (1768)

Thomas Sheridan, A Complete Dictionary of the English Language (1796)

John Trusler, The Distinction Between Words Esteemed Synonymous in the English Language (1766)

Ephraim Chambers, Cyclopaedia of Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences (1728)

Richard Burn, New Law Dictionary (1792)

Noah Webster, American Dictionary of the English Language (1828)

Feudal Glossary

Anglo-Saxon Dooms (560 to 975 A.D.)

Internet Medieval Sourcebook (Fordham Univ.)

Domesday Book of William the Conquerer (map version)


Yale’s Avalon Legal History Primary Sources

The Founders' Constitution (Chicago)

Madison's Notes from 1787 Constitutional Convention

English Reports (1220 to 1873)

Historic Legal Treatises (Online Liberty of Liberty)

Hein OnLine Collection (subscription)

Oyez Audio of USSC Oral Arguments

ConSource Online Library

Teaching American History - Document Library - Founding Era

Greenleaf’s Abridgment of Burn’s Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer (1773)

Richard Starke, Office and Authority of a Justice of the Peace (1774)

South Carolina Justice of the Peace (1788)

Britton’s Treatise of English Law (circa 1300s) (Nichols trans. 1901)

UVA Rotunda Digital Library - Founding Era

San Diego Law School’s “Originalism Blog”

George Mason Law School - Founder’s Online Library

Lincoln and Natural Law (go to Google preview of natural law chapter)

Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics

Magna Carta (1215)

common law courts & records

chancery courts & records

Guide to finding English statutes and cases

Edward Coke, The Institutes of the Laws of England (1628-44)

Matthew Hale, The History of the Pleas of the Crown (1736 ed.)

William Hawkins, A Treatise of the Pleas of the Crown (1716 & 1721)

Richard Burn, The Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer (1755)

James Parker, Conductor Generalis (Justice of the Peace Manual) (1765)

Works of Justice James Wilson (1804)

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